Our Story

“You’re so good at this. You should start your own business.”

Yep - that’s pretty much why we started Scott Hill Consulting. Friends and family kept coming to us asking for help with their brand and public relations needs; Everything from writing press releases, designing graphics, producing videos and websites, or managing social channels. So, we just took the plunge and decided to launch our own thing.

Our combined media and pubic relations experience means we know how to help launch or reignite your brand and can turn it around quickly. We like to say we’re nimble. It’s a perfect fit for small business owners who don't want to outsource to a faceless agency but still need help managing their media.

Oh, and we know you’re wondering, ‘Who’s Scott Hill?’

No, he’s not some stuffy dude. Scott Hill is the personification of our love for Scott's Addition and Church Hill. (Apologies to any real Scott Hills out there. Your name is awesome.)

Meet Sandi

Sandi Cano Cauley is an Emmy award-winning producer, writer, and veteran communications manager. Sandi spent more than two decades working in television newsrooms across the Southeast; managing large-scale live broadcasts while handling, supporting, and training journalists. She has also spent time working as a copywriter for companies like Capital One.

Because her roots are in news - Sandi can take complicated material and translate it into simple, digestible, and enticing content for a wide-range of audiences. Armed with decades of talent management experience, Sandi will naturally shine a light on her clients, influencing others to take notice of whomever she is promoting.

In addition, Sandi can coordinate site logistics, and brand strategy, along with writing, producing, and editing video content. She is also seasoned in press release writing, website, and social media creation and management, and maintains strong ties with several media outlets across the country - including Richmond and Hampton Roads.

Need someone to bounce ideas off of or vent to about running your own business? Sandi is also well-versed in the entrepreneurial journey. She is the owner of TURN Cardio Jam Studio, founded in 2015 and located in Richmond's historic Scott's Addition and serves as a board member for the up-and-coming neighborhood.

Meet Allie

Allie Deerr has spent the last decade working as a media maven and content creator for entrepreneurs and startups. An entrepreneur herself, Allie founded her first consulting business while still in college to help small business owners in her local community gain more exposure through online engagement.


An Indiana University alum who studied anthropology and journalism while attending the Kelley School of Business, Allie uses her passion for understanding what makes people tick to create compelling marketing and fundraising campaigns. Allie’s love for storytelling combined with her ability to write for a wide variety of audiences, has led to a successful and eclectic career in digital ethnography—from writing social justice and legal affair editorials for the American Bar Association Journal to managing six and seven figure fundraising campaigns.


As a digital native with 15 years of experience working in the retail and restaurant industries, Allie has used her expertise on the consumer and dining habits of Millennials and Gen-Z to help brands grow sustainable, long-term customer bases and secure coveted retail space on college campuses across the country. Adept at forging B2B partnerships, Allie honed her skills as a community organizer while working in the coworking industry to develop shared office work space for remote workers and startups in Chicago, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. She draws on this experience to help other membership-based businesses cultivate thriving communities. 


Her keen eye for spotting diamonds in the rough means when Allie’s not working, you can find her hanging out at her local used bookstore or treasure hunting at flea markets. Allie is most passionate about working with the local arts community, food and beverage brands, clothing retailers, and lifestyle/wellness brands.